Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018

Swinging and kicking like a boss – here are the most pleasing actions you will perform when playing Marvel’s Spider Man PS4 2018. The title creators could somehow manage to create a three-dimensional open environment with amazing animation and movement that you can not only see but sense. We know that as every Marvel fan, you have always wanted to feel yourself in the superhero shoes. Movies and comics and great, but they let you observe the story from aside. Simultaneously, way everything is done here allows you to realize how does it feel to be Spider Man as well as Peter Parker, which creates an absolutely empathic atmosphere. From the day this product appeared on the market, it has gained an unbelievable popularity among Marvel fans. Actually, the number of copies sold during a couple of first days after release topped the record level. And this is no wonder – the game can be claimed a discovery of the year for sure.

While rushing through the streets of New York and beating the criminals, you realize that Spidey has changed after 8 years of fighting with evil. Now he is more confident in his skills and even a bit cocky but still absolutely delightful. His moves and speed will impress you from the first minutes of the game, even though you will have to spend some time to learn the controls and handle his energy. Every move of the hero is a breathtaking moment which looks really great due to the animations and sound. You will also enjoy a new vision of Peter Parker, who is no longer a misery he used to be. To say the truth, Marvel’s Spider Man PS4 is the title that most fans have been waiting for a long time.

The good thing is that this Spider Man title is not based on any previous Marvel stories. This one is a new and independent episode of his life you are welcome to live through. There is a lot of unexpected things and plot curves to explore. The world is open and you will have a really great time exploring the New York places while you play. By the way, the ending of this game look promising and leaves fans wondering about the possibility of the second part. In general, the SM 4 is joyful and funny with a few dark moments in a whole story. The plot is interesting but not too complicated and you will probably guess some of its moments beforehand (still, they are done with taste).