Marvel’s Spider Man 2019

Players that have already immersed themselves into an amazing universe of Marvel’s Spider Man claim that this game provides an awesome experience of actually being a hero, not just sitting on your sofa and playing. The mechanics, music and open-world gameplay make the unique atmosphere you have never seen in superhero games before. In addition, as a Spidey and as Peter Parker at the same time, players are encouraged to do whatever they want in both personalities. Being a guardian of law under the mask you are obliged to fight the criminal world of New York. While as Peter you have a full range of his worries and anxieties, including troubles with career & girls. The openness of the game environment mixes the real New York city with the fictional reality of comics, putting the Dr. Strange’s place and the Avengers Tower the streets.

Playing Marvel’s Spider Man, you control a mature superhero, who has grown to a really powerful crime tackler. Moreover, Peter’s ghosts of the past are no longer essential, instead he has a pack of new ones. Both Parker and Spidey are absolutely adorable characters. You won’t recognize new Peter in this game, since he is energetic and talkative now. As for his alter-ego under a mask, he has reached the new level, too. So this game gives a fresh view on the well-known story and we bet that you will love it!