Spider-Man: Edge of Time

One of the most popular games among the Marvel fans is Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Did you know that in a couple of days after the game was released, more than three million discs were sold? This is the highest activity of purchases PlayStation company has ever experienced. Surprising thing is that Spidey is one of the oldest superheroes in the Marvel’s universe and it remains one of the most beloved till this time. The game’s success is also explained by the fact that it was noticed by strong reviewers and that it is the first title fully dedicated to Spider Man since 2014. So the public was already well-informed and intrigued by the game even before it was launched.

The proclaimed features of the game do answer the expectations of the audience. Its open world puts you into the city environment where you have districts, rooftops and towers to discover and the variety of accessible places is near to infinite. It means that you won’t get bored while move from one location to another because all of them are fairly different. Also, the way Spidey moves will surely give you a sensation of flight and it is awesome. Sometimes, you will experience a real thrill as he jumps from one building to another or swings on his web. Not only you will play for Spidey but also for Peter Parker. Obviously, the tasks and puzzles you will have to encounter in these personalities vary dramatically. The game developers did their very best to make you identify yourself with the character to the fullest and get a feeling that you live his life. Every element of the game, including the city design, sound, and ability to play both personalities of the character make the playing experience absolutely unique.