Spider-Man for PC

If you are reading this, you must be a Marvel fan. All Marvel fans have one thing in common: they dream to feel like superheroes at least once in their life. Well, if you share this, then you cannot miss the new Spider Man game for PlayStation 4. This entertaining action won’t leave you discontented. The entire New York city is in front of you! Your fantasies about living as a superhero for a couple of hours become even more real because this title has one unique feature. You will experience both sides of the main character – Spidey and Peter Parker. Obvious thing, they have different problems and concerns and you are the one to bring things in order. Indeed, the game developers did everything possible to let you see and sense the main character. Meet a grown up Spider Man. During these eight years of fights, he has become a real gangbuster now. He is not the one you know from comics and movies anymore and the angst of the previous version of him are no longer here. At the same, his problems are even more serious and mature today, so get ready for a number of unexpected stories.

This game is much better than previous parts created by Insomniac and maybe the best presentation of Spidey’s moves on the viewscreen. We bet that you will be amazed by swings and jumps from one rooftop or tower to another made with gracefulness and beauty. Spider’s moves are incredibly pleasing and natural, so you will totally enjoy the game mechanics once you learn to control him properly. Moreover, the developers moved further and made the combats amazing, too. You will easily string the combos together and enjoy the finishing moves that make you really feel like a hero. By the way, there is a surprisingly high level of customization and unlockable features, such as suits and moves. The suits vary from a classical old-school one to steam punk and noir versions. These suits are not just decorative (despite the fact that they do look really stylish), since each of them adds new abilities to your character. If you have already played the short demo-version of the game, you already know that Spider Man is not the only playable character. You can also control Mary Jane, Parker’s ex-girlfriend, who is now working at Daily Bugle as a reporter. As you can guess, this is an absolutely different playing experience, comparing to agile superhero, who jumps and kicks.

The best thing about Spider Man 4 is that it takes place in the open world, where an enormously big and diverse New York welcomes you to enjoy various maps, hidden places, and landmarks. In a word, this is a totally impressive title that gives you a feeling of real-life experience of a superhero. Don’t miss it!