Spider-Man: Homecoming

There is no doubt that one of the most beloved and popular heroes of the Marvel universe is Spider Man. We have already seen him in numerous movies, cartons, comics, and video games. To say the truth, Spidey is a star for an unbelievable period of time, since he appeared in the old 1982. However, Marvel still has something new to surprise you with. What’s that? A new Spider Man title for PlayStation 4. This one is an extremely popular and selling product that became even more popular than Far Cry and it has all chances to become the game of the year. It has to be mentioned, that the previous titles of the series were less successful and didn’t get that much attention from the gamers. So let’s move the story itself.

First, get ready to meet a brand new Spider Man with a long list of caught criminals and achievements. Now, he is adult and strong. However, the enemies are always on the horizon and he has to struggle Kingpin as well as the smaller villains. Second, Peter Parker will finally step on the stage as a full-scale character with his own problems and worries. It comes without saying that such a turn brings a high level of identification and empathy to the game, which guarantees additional enjoyment and sense of living it out, not just playing. Once you start playing, you will see that the game’s mechanics and gameplay are gorgeous. You will have the entire city to discover because the game is crafted in the open-world style. This decision will prevent you from being bored of the same places because you will move through a diverse of them. No repetitions! By the way, there is also a number of Spidey suits to choose from (about 30) and you can unlock them in the process. As for the skills, the best of them are also to unlocked later. Don’t get confused when you see the large amount of options here and make sure to choose the most useful ones. We recommend to start from Web Throw, Air Marshal and Perfect Hit. The combination of deep narration, beautiful graphics, and great music, Spider Man PS4 stands out from the crowd for sure. We bet that this game is the perfect choice for players who always wanted to feel like heroes still being ordinary people with all the specter of problems and emotions. You will have a really good time playing this game.