Spider Man PS4 DLC

The famous Marvel’s Spider Man for PlayStation 4 is a that features a superhero who enjoys popularity for decades. Although, you will meet familiar characters here, they will surprise you with traits and moves you could never have predicted. Fortunately, the game developers refused from recycling previous scenarios about Spidey and have created a new story for this title. The plot starts with a pretty banal scene where Spider Man catches a criminal boss and his disappearance gives a rise to a mysterious band called Inner Demons. While trying to get the Demons caught, Spidey meets his ex-girlfriend. She claims that she is ready to help him reveal the evil plans of the gang and the big adventure begins.

The adventure in Spider Man 4 is full of adrenaline. Get ready to experience the miracles of acrobatics because Spidey has a plenty of them to show you. As for the fights with enemies, they will be more dynamic than you have ever experienced. Be aware that there are unlockable suits and clothes to discover while you play. The suits are not just fun and decoration – they provide Spider Man with new abilities. Talking about the environment, be sure that this open-world style game will prevent you from bored. Actually, one of the biggest problems most superheroic games have is a limited space, however, Spider Man 4 solves this problem and provides you with a large and variable map of the New York city.