Spider-Man PS4

Marvel’s Spider Man PS4 is a fine-featured title full of thrill and risks. While Spidey is flying and jumping using his superheroic skills, you will get the feeling of absolute beauty as well as fear about falling down. Oh, and someone will attack you during your flow. So you must be attentive and a bit reckless to prevent your enemies from making a strike. And every second really counts here. While you become confident with controlling Spidey, you will see that it comes intuitively. The game mechanics support your aims and everything becomes more natural while you move forward. The Marvel Spider Man PS4 has that special charm of the open-world adventure. The entire context involves a high level of customization and unexpectedness. In addition to a whole New York to investigate, you have additional suits to unlock and various options of combat. Despite the fact that combats make the largest part of the process, these scenes are made to be gorgeous and full of vigor.

In this game, you will find out who is Spider Man from the very close perspective. As you remember him from the previous titles of the franchise, he is a lonely loser stuck between childhood and adult life. However, now you will meet a cheery Peter and strong Spidey because both of them have grown during the late 8 years. Due to the idea to show the personality of the main character from every angle, the action feels more than a number of nicely tailored combats and great 3d animation. It becomes a deeper version of a superheroic story where you are the one to live these days as Spidey.

The other thing to mention is a plenty of riddles, puzzles and references you will find on different points of the narrative. Meet the heroes from the other Marvel’s titles and recognize some familiar elements and scenes. The graphic details are also amazing. While you run up the building’s wall, you can have a look at the window and enjoy the view of empty rooms. In a word, discovering a game like this is something that every Marvel fan should do.