Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Learning how to sling on your web across the city will be a challenging task for sure. When Spider Man jumps from one building to another, it is obvious that he has to be fast, because the criminals don’t wait. Prepare yourself for an extreme adventure because sometimes you will find yourself 1 inch to the pavement. In a word, the touch of death will follow you all the time while the amazing views and sense of vitality are totally worth it. Therefore, the level of you delight depends on how much you enjoy that adrenaline rush you will feel every time you hop and jump. If you always wanted to know how Spidey feels when he moves like that – you have a great chance to try it out. It feels great to be a superhero!

We have even more good news for you. The game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions doesn’t repeat any of Spider Man comics and movies. While he is having rough times trying to catch the criminals that terrorize the city, Peter Parker has his own anxieties and you will experience both. You will have to follow your noble duties and make decisions that impact both your personal life as a college graduate and New York city with its dwellers. Like in most comic stories about Spidey, this one starts as a trivial one – a band of mysterious enemies are about to steal powerful artifacts and only God knows what kind of awful plan they have. The narrative won’t be too complicated and unexpected but it is still great. We bet that you will wrack your brains trying to guess the identity of your main enemy!

During the game, Spidey will develop and grow, obtaining new abilities. The character evolution will flow naturally and slowly, so you won’t be overwhelmed with the process. The number of customization and development opportunities as well as the open world to explore make Spider Man PS4 a quite different from most action titles you have played before. He has a lot of unique abilities that are displayed and implemented in the gameplay just perfectly.