Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Folks around the world know Spider Man, the most kinetic acrobat among all Marvel’s characters. We love him since the first day he appeared and will continue loving him in the future. By the way, you will become even a bigger fan of this webhead after you try Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, a new amazing game that has all chances to become the main discovery of 2018. If you want to crawl the walls, swing on the web, and rush from house to house, you will get enough of that in this title. However, in addition to these classical moves we all expect from Spidey, the game also introduces a number of unexpected elements you have never seen in any previous superhero games. By the way, the story is not based on comic books or films about Spidey (thanks God). This one is a completely original plot created for the game only and we bet that it has something to amaze you with.

The success of this product was predictable. Two powerful teams – Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment – have united to tailor a real masterpiece and this is exactly what they managed to do. Their ideas and decisions are fresh and even surprising, therefore the adventure is promised to be more than amazing. The developers worked really hard on creating a wide and open world of the New York city that includes both elements of the real location and fictional ones, like Avenger’s Tower. As for the main character, he has changed unrecognizably during the last years. Now he is stronger and fights the evil powers on the new level. However, Spider Man is not only a hero but also a regular guy Peter Parker, who has problems with job and personal life like any other ordinary human. You are to balance both parts of his life and personality while you play. It isn’t easy to carry the destiny of the large city on your back while your thoughts are full of worries about your future and… your girlfriend, of course. However, the idea to combine Parker’s and Spidey’s lines in one game is something that makes it really worth your attention.